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The TMP Guidance Office is committed to developing and implementing counseling and guidance programs to empower students to discover their personal strengths, personality traits, and interests.  Knowing these, they can acquire educational, occupational, and career development competencies necessary to function and contribute in a changing society.  In addition, the Guidance Office assists students with developing the personal and social skills that are necessary to become successful, responsible, and service oriented members of our community.

High School is a time of making decisions and building an identity.  Students are deciding who they are, where they fit, what they are good at and how to move forward.


We are here to support students through:

Academic Planning:  We schedule students in courses to meet graduation requirements and to explore career and personal interests.  College coursework, through dual credit, is incorporated to expand exploration options, build scholastic efficacy, and expedite post-secondary endeavors.  The State of New Mexico‚Äôs Next Step Plan, official transcripts, and credit maps are implemented in academic planning to insure accuracy and completeness. 

College Planning:  Students are provided a variety of different tools to explore colleges based on their preferences regarding college size, location, majors, ratings, academic rigor, housing, and cost.  The road to college timeline is detailed on the TMP Guidance website, and students are encouraged to follow.  Financial aid workshops, college field trips, and one-on-one consultation are available.  http://www.princetonreview.com/colleges-majors.aspx; http://www.myusearch.com; https://www.commonapp.org/CommonApp/default.aspx

Career Exploration:  The Guidance Office offers career assessments, individual and group consultation and counseling.  In conjunction with the Service Learning Department, the Guidance Office supports and encourages service learning and mentorships.  High school is the most opportune time to explore the vast number of career opportunities.  Knowledge of self and familiarity with career options is the key to making good decisions in regards to career.  Research self, research majors, research industry, research companies.  http://www.onetonline.org/; http://carveyourpath.org/; http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes1.htm; http://www.dws.state.nm.us/careersolutions/index.html

Assessment:  The MASTERS Program uses NWEA-MAPS testing as a short cycle assessment to assess proficiency in Language Arts, Reading and Math to assist students in passing the NM Standards Based Assessment in their junior year now needed to graduate from high school.  The PSAT is given every year to all sophomores and to juniors who choose to take the assessment to practice for the ACT and SAT.  All students are encouraged to take the ACT and SAT. 

Counseling: The counselor at The MASTERS Program is committed to assisting students to understand and deal with social, behavioral, and personal problems.  Preventive, cognitive, and brief counseling is used to enhance students' personal, social, and academic growth and to provide students with the life skills needed to cope with and overcome issues.

Lori A. Miller, Ph.D, LPCC


(505) 428-7320



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